Immediate Past Sires

Raroa Red Deer

English Sires

An imported Warnham sire with a big influence on our herd. He was exceptionally consistent in producing very good heads and body weights. Two sons Henry and George 2 were retained as sires. He had the record inside spread in his day.

Also an imported Warnham sire with a strong influence on the herd. Two sons Hong and Spencer became herd sires. He cut 7.8kg SA velvet. Both sons had strong multi pointed heads and he is the Sire of Banks’s dam. Her full brother cut 9.8kg of velvet.

The third original Warnham . An under rated sire whose progeny have performed exceptionally well. Sire of Motsumi’s Dam. A plus in any pedigree. An early rutting stag.

An imported English Park stag with strong Woburn characteristics. He cut 6.5kg of classic velvet and his sons had consistently heavy heads. His son Angus became a sire and cut 5kg SA2 at 4. Both father and son won the NIVC Maiden Class.

Sire Brian Dam Y129 (Warnham Import) also dam of Henry. His 5 year hard antler head shows very good trophy style. He had a half brother Ben by Brian who we used for a couple of seasons. A top early sire.

A pure Warnham son of Shogun. He produced many outstanding sons including the top price two year old in our ’97 sale. His daughters have performed very well.

A son of Churchill from Diana 12/140. He was a good and important 2nd generation sire in our herd. Very good velvet and a great trophy style head. Sire of Drum.

Sire George Dam Y129 (Dam also of Balfour) He was a model of consistency like his father and has left excellent progeny.
Sire Terry out of Thelma. A full brother to Lancelot. He was an outstanding sire for us and a major influence in our herd.
Sire Jonathon Dam Rose 7.5kg SA2 at 8. A son, Javelin, cut 6.9kg at 4. A great sire who’s daughters are performing very well.
Sire Jonathon Dam 91177 by Andrew. He had a 26 point head scoring 408 SCI. We feel he was underrated as a sire although he bred many stags sold at auction. His daughters are producing top stags and his sons in the velvet herd perform very well.
Sire Ramasses Dam Rose. He was a consistently good sire of stags and has his last two in our last sale. The sire of the outstanding BANKS who achieved the highest price ever paid at auction.
By George out of a full sister of Hong. He had a long 20 point head at 5 and a son was the star in our 1998 sale.
Sired by Andrew 2 from dam 93243 by Jonathan with Ramasses one back. He unfortunately died at the end of the 2001 rut at 2 years. He was 227kg at 2 on sale day and had four sons in our last sale from his only crop.

Sire B581 by SOJ out of a Ramsey Island hind. He cut 9.67kg OG1 at 7 – 62cm to cut. Retired from breeding we are now re rating him.

Sire Romulus Dam B275 by James. Father of KENT. He produced consistently good stags and he was one of the best sires we have had. 14.2kg H/A and 421 SCI at 8.

By Romulus out of an outstanding Normanby hind he had a strong 28 point head at 4. Unfortunately died early.

Sired by Jamie out of Furzeland dam. A sire of outstanding trophy stags up to 353 SCI at 4.

Sire Jamie Dam Furzeland. 10.8kg and 30 points at 6. Sire of MOTSUMI sold for $142,000 by Rodway. He has had a major influence on recent trophy breeding.

Sired by Chancellor Peel out of Y322 x Balfour. Scored 460 at 6 years. A good sire for a trophy or
velvet sire.

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He has a very strong velvet pedigree and the tine placement and antler structure to pass on big velvet weights. 

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At 2 he grew a balanced 24 point head scoring 336 SCI points. Used as a spiker, he achieved very early pregnancies. He took a severe check after the ’06 roar. We are impressed with his first stags and this is supported by comments from buyers of his pregnent hinds.

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All 3 of our Chancellor Peel sons have performed very well as sires. Apart from his trophy attributes Aorar has a very clean heavy velvet head.

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by Harvey out of dam 179 by W80. He is a full brother to Kane and Hector.

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by Adonis out of 02,114 by Chancellor Peel.

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by Odysseus out of a dam by William John

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by Craige out of Thomas Albert hind.

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Exceptional Warham pedigree. He has the antler structure and tyne placement for excellent velvet.

Kent by Lester (x Romulus) out of Y505 (x Tarquin). Is present in pedigrees of a number of our deer.

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